7 Alternative Uses For Your Garden Office/Studio…

Hi, last year we launched our new modular home office/studio building. And while we were taking photos and shooting a video on our showsite just up the road…

KSB Modular Home Office/Studio Building

Well it got me thinking. 

Apart from using it as an office or a home studio, what else could you use it for? 

So here are 7 ideas…

  1. Outside bar/catering unit – full length bi-folding doors mean you could easily have an open/walk-up bar or food counter
  1. Mini art gallery/exhibition space – plenty of light…
  1. Sales unit – use it for product demos or sell your products
  1. Commentary box – again, you have full length bi-folding doors which you can roll back in the summer for a panoramic view. 
  1. Tiny home – fit a mezzanine half-floor. Ideal for seaside chalet maybe? 
  1. Home cinema – set up a huge screen with speakers, roll back those doors and gather round
  1. Mini stage for mini plays? Nursery/school use perhaps?
  1. Mobilise it – instead of a concrete base, put it on a trailer and take it to your customers/audience! – OK I’ll check this is doable but I can’t see why not?

      OK 8 ideas, but, food for thought eh? 

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