7 Inspirational Things You Can Use A Shed For

We love sheds! They’re arguably one of the most versatile buildings you could have. So many uses…

That’s not a potting shed! it’s a beautiful ‘standard’ shed by Kent Sectional Buildings

And I started thinking, what exactly can you use a shed for? 

Here are 7 ideas to feel inspired by. Ready? 

Home office/studio/working space – you can convert a standard shed into an office but you’d need quite a large one otherwise it would be very claustrophobic. Also, you’d need to have proper windows and a door(s) and make it secure. A workshop or a purpose built home studio/office. 

Pub/drinking den – of course! Especially now as we’re not allowed to go down the real pub! So why not convert your shed into a micro pub? Or a whisky bar? I love this example which was featured in George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces – Shed of the Year –

Amazing Spaces – The Whisky Shed…

Are you a movie buff? how about a cinema instead? This really is a labour of love as the guy built it himself from scratch. Truly inspirational…

Amazing Spaces – Your (very) local Odeon…

A granny annexe? Technically this would be more like a yurt or at least a bespoke workshop but this can definitely be done. Install plumbing and electricity, windows and security and you’re all set.   

If you like nothing better than to potter about in the garden, you may need some storage space for your tools and plants. Oh and don’t forget your radio, kettle, teabags and milk 😁 

Which means you’ll need a mini fridge in there too. You have a choice of a standard shed or you could opt for a potting shed, pot your plants and keep them safe from an unexpected frost and inquisitive members of the animal kingdom. 

You too could have a potting shed like this one day…

Perhaps you have a main or side business making things. In that case chances are you could do with a workshop. These tend to be sturdier than a standard shed, more robust and larger.

You can add an electric feed to charge and power your tools, speaking of which, you’ll also need a decent lock if not two. Maybe a light outside the door too and a wireless camera so you have some security/deterrent. 

Finally, you could build an unadulterated mancave (or woman cave) like Charlie Sheen did. Although it looks like he got other people to actually build it but the point is, imagine what your ideal den would look like, outside and in. What decor would you have? TV, pool table? Bar? Library, outrageously good sound system? 

          Remember, if you can imagine it, we will build it

If you’d like some advice about what you have in mind, please give us a call on 01227 738 374 between 9am and 4pm whilst the lockdown is on or you can email info@kentsectional.co.uk

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