We are now open on Saturday mornings…

It must be Spring time surely? Our first Saturday opening this year – from 9am til 12 noon We’d love to see you – you can find us in Church Meadow off Station Road in Chartham CT4 7HX Or… you can call us on 01227 738 374 email us – info@kentsectional.co.uk visit our show-site up … Read more

Carpe Diem!

Good morning & a very Happy New Year I expect you are ready & raring to go? As the title suggests, we are! 2022 will certainly be better than 2021 The wild price fluctuations of raw construction materials will continue to calm down and hopefully the actual cost too but maybe we’re deluding ourselves on … Read more

More pics, less words…

First, a quick update… It’s been a while since my last confession. (Spoken like a true Catholic) but we’ve been super busy trying to catch up with your orders and reducing the lead time from order to installation of your bespoke garden building  As I write this, the lead time is now down to around … Read more

Buying a garden shed: Bespoke specialist or a DIY retailer?

No answers yet, just more questions… What exactly do you need the shed for? Storage for bikes, garden furniture and other ‘stuff’?  How valuable are the bikes, garden furniture and various other bits and pieces you’ll find a home for in your new shed?  How big does it need to be?  How long do you … Read more

How much?

Spoiler alert: Our prices are NOT rising by 40% – read on for some context… Morning, as you may have heard, there is something of a global demand for raw construction materials right now. This is down to three factors:  A huge rise in shipping costs due to a shortage of empty containers (covid related … Read more

Are you looking for our swimming pool cleaning chemicals etc?

Well we’ve recently set up a new, separate website for the pools & hot tubs business at www.ksbpoolsandtubs.com It’s still very much a work in progress but you can view our cleaning chemicals price list and aswell as accessories for your swimming pool.  Here’s the specific link for the cleaning chemicals –  As we say, … Read more

7 Alternative Uses For Your Garden Office/Studio…

Hi, last year we launched our new modular home office/studio building. And while we were taking photos and shooting a video on our showsite just up the road… Well it got me thinking.  Apart from using it as an office or a home studio, what else could you use it for?  So here are 7 … Read more

If Carlsberg Built Home Office Garden Buildings, They Would Probably Look Like This…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCj8mhzyTgY An increasing number of people now find themselves ‘working from home’ – it is either entirely new to them or has simply become the ‘status quo’ rather than an occasional day or two a month.  So a permanent, dedicated, stand alone working space is now a necessity.  Enter the home office/studio garden building. A … Read more


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