7 Alternative Uses For Our Home Office/Studio Buildings…

I mean, they are seriously adaptive. 


As well as being hand crafted and looking damn good in your garden. Oh did I mention they are almost more secure than Fort Knox? 

But I was thinking the other day, there are other things you could use them for…

Here’s a few I thought of

  1. Outside bar (could be mobile) 
  2. Catering unit (again, could be mobile) 
  3. Children’s play centre/creche
  4. Outside Cinema screen with surround sound
  5. Outside DJ set (could be mobile) 
  6. Outside stage for music or theatre shows 
  7. Spare bedroom/guest accommodation

And of course, you could always use it for storage but…

Why would you waste such a gorgeous bespoke garden building with panoramic bi-folding doors when you could have one of our stylish sheds or workshops instead? 

As always, the choice is yours but we believe our bespoke garden office/studio buildings are without equal. Beautifully styled, hand made from the highest quality wood and materials and installed in your garden by our skilled craftsmen. 

Our garden buildings are all bespoke – made to order – for you. 

You can ask us any questions you like before we provide a quotation, anytime in fact. 

Or if you have drawings of your own we’re happy to go through those with you too. 

If you can imagine it, we can build it. But why not start here?

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If Carlsberg Built Home Office Garden Buildings, They Would Probably Look Like This…


An increasing number of people now find themselves ‘working from home’ – it is either entirely new to them or has simply become the ‘status quo’ rather than an occasional day or two a month. 

So a permanent, dedicated, stand alone working space is now a necessity. 

Enter the home office/studio garden building.

A building that will allow you to set up shop at home without the distractions and inconvenience that can sometimes cause. 

A building that will look good in your garden, will be hand made by skilled craftsmen to order, in other words, a quality, bespoke garden building. You will be proud to show friends and family, and proud to sit and work in, looking out through those glorious bi-folding doors offering a panoramic view of your garden. 

Your new home office will be light, those to those full length bi-folding doors, and you can leave your work stuff in there – in situ – without fear of it being moved or having coffee or food spilt all over it. 

And you can rest assured, it will be safe & secure. 

Those solid oak bi-folding doors are ultra secure – stainless steel fittings,54 mm think with 24mm toughened double glazed doors, 3 point locking system and internal slide bolts.


You can add heat in the midst of Winter if you need it or in the Summer, open up those doors to keep you cool. 

And finally, you can even reclaim some tax too

What’s not to like? 

Our latest modular home office garden room is available to view at our showsite on the A28 near the junction with Station Road here in Chartham if you fancy a close look…

But don’t ponder too long, we have a bit of a waiting list now. 

If you have any questions or you’re ready to order, call us on 01227 738 374

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Home office/studios – what you can claim back tax for & what you can’t…

If you’re now working from home more often then you might consider adding a purpose built home office in your garden. 

Working from home can be great, but it also has its distractions and you may struggle to separate home from office in terms of boundaries and storage etc. 

This is where a dedicated, purpose built home office garden building can be the ideal solution. You get space, peace & quiet, storage room for your business and a beautiful view, not to mention lockable doors! 

But what are the tax perks? Are there any? 

Yes and no. Before we go any further, you can get this post in a handy PDF to read later if you like, here it is

Let’s get the bad news out the way. Although a garden building is officially a moveable item (can be done but usually they stay put) the HMRC view it as a structure from whence your biz operates so unfortunately, you can’t claim the initial build cost/price. 

Even associated costs like delivery and erection charges, even the cost of decoration fall into this evil trap. 

Now for the good news: 

You can claim for cost of furniture for example under capital allowances. 

You can also claim for the cost of thermal insulation if you feel you need it (our brand new home office comes with beautiful double glazed folding doors with the most secure locking you could wish for) 

You can claim for running costs such as heating, lighting and running water if you have a separate supply into your new home office building (not extended from your home) 

Repairs are also included, this includes redecoration costs for example. 

More good news:  The VAT rules regarding structures are different to those for income tax & corporation tax. Although as we outlined earlier, you can’t claim for the entire purchase cost, you can claim the VAT element of your new home office garden building – HURRAH 

This short guide is the briefest of guides. We would always advise you to check with your accountant…

For photos, videos, typical specification and prices please visit us online at https://kentsectional.co.uk/our-range/studio-home-offices/

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All About The Base – FAQ’s

When it comes to preparing to install your new bespoke garden building, you need to think about the base for that building, irrespective of what size it is.

Essentially you have two options:

  1. Build it yourself or
  2. Ask us to build it for you

 If you’re thinking ‘how hard can it be? I’ll get Bob to do it for me, he’s a builder…’

Here are some frequently asked questions – and answers – which may help you (or Bob) get it right.

And you do have to get it right. Lack of planning and preparation in building your base can cause problems with the installation and later affect the building itself.

 So without further ado, let’s crack on…

How big does the base have to be?

If you have ordered a 10’ x 6’ shed the base has to be 9’10” x 5’10”, so whatever size building it has to be 2” or 50mm off each dimension

What is it made of? Concrete I assume?

We can offer a timber frame with a floor but depending on the site conditions we can lay a concrete base.  

This consists of 4” hardcore and 4” of concrete including a polythene damp proof membrane. 

I have trees in my garden, is that an issue?

We cannot be responsible for tree roots and if a tree is close or in the way of the building a tree surgeon will have to remove the tree and grind out the stump.  

If we lay a base on this ground or any ground that may be subject to movement we will include reinforcing mesh

Are there any restrictions on where I can put my building/base?

We advise you to contact your local council just to make sure but there shouldn’t be any restrictions

What will it cost?

All bases are priced individually and a site survey is normally needed

What access do you need to my garden?

We need a wheelbarrow access with no overhead restrictions

How long after building the base can you install the building?

We need approximately 2 weeks of dry weather after the base has been laid

We take a huge amount of pride in what we do, so please ask us if you have any questions about your base, your building, any accessories you might need.

You can call us on 01227 738 374 9-5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9-12.00pm on Saturdays email info@kentsectional.co.uk

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They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To…

Oh but we do…

Last week one of our customers asked us to replace their old shed with a summerhouse.

When we went to survey the site we noticed that the shed still bore one of our original plaques as pictured above. 

Back in 1958 John Griffin founded Kent Sectional Buildings, using his skill and experience to create bespoke garden buildings that were not only ‘fit for purpose’ then but would last for many years. 

In fact they lasted decades, we are still finding examples like this one! 

And although John Griffin is sadly no longer with us, our build quality is as good today as it was back then in 1958. Perhaps even better dare I say it. 

Some of our craftsmen here in Chartham are second generation KSB men, schooled in the tradition and customs of their fathers before them, and every bit as skilled as them. 

Upholding and improving the high standards set by John Griffin. They have to because a) our customers would not keep returning to us and b) his wife Marina Griffin is here and keeps a watchful eye on us all, along with unwavering support and guidance. 

Our materials are carefully chosen, we only build to order for our valued customers, present and new. And yes, we still attract plaques to our buildings because we’re very proud of them and our reputation. 

If you have any questions or you need any guidance with your garden building, please give us a call on 01227 738 374 or pop in and see us.

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Why Buy A Bespoke Garden Building?

First of all, what is ‘bespoke’. Well it’s quite simple, it means custom made for a particular customer. 

Not mass manufactured, not bulk buy. Not available at your local B&Q or Homebase (due respect to those guys who sell some great stuff) 

Our garden buildings are made to order for you when you’re ready to order. We don’t have ‘stock’, you can’t just order from our website. We cater especially for you and what you need. 

We make garden buildings, anything from a ‘standard’ shed to a home office (like the one pictured above) a workshop, greenhouse or a conservatory to your design and specification, for you only. 

You choose the wood you would like, you choose the specification along with any changes to the design you’d like incorporated. Of course, you can’t order blindly – purely on spec – we know that. 

So on our website we show examples of our buildings we’ve made for our customers over the past 62 years, since 1958. Many of them are still standing, looking almost as good as they did when we made them and as fit for purpose as they were then. 

(In fact, we get quite a few calls from customers who have moved home and would like another shed, workshop or greenhouse to go in their new garden!)

This happens because our customers know that our buildings stand the test of time. 

And they last – and look good – because we only use quality wood, wood treatment and fixtures and fittings. Quality always lasts. You won’t get that with a mass produced shed from a DIY warehouse.  

You can visit our website and get an idea of the kind of building you’d like and add your own design changes if you like, the photos are there to inspire you and guide you, we’ve included specifications and prices so you know that we don’t scrimp on quality and we love what we do. 

If you’d like to take a closer look, we have an un-manned showsite about half a mile away from our office and workshop here in Chartham, it’s actually on the main road close to the junction with Station Road. 

There are several buildings there which we will add to now that we’re open again and in time for the Summer (fingers crossed we enjoy a long hot summer) 

And of course you can always call us for help and advice and to order your new bespoke garden building. We make each building from scratch to your design and specification. 

Our skilled craftsmen love what they do – you’ll really see that in the quality of your garden building when we install it for you at your home. 

So, whilst ‘normal’ might have changed for most of us, you’ll be glad to know our standards and workmanship are as high as you expect them to be.

We’re so glad to be fully open again and hope to see and hear from you very soon.

Everyone at Kent Sectional Buildings X

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Coronavirus aka Covid19 – Update


Due to the most recent Government guidelines, we are still unfortunately closed.

All building deliveries are cancelled and our workshop is still closed.

Pool chemicals can still be picked up if paid for over the phone and they can be left outside our office for collection. We are opening Pools for the summer and our engineers are attending emergency calls. 

**However we are only undertaking this work if we are able to adhere to the strict Government guidelines, for your safety and ours**

Our telephone – 01227 738 374 – and email – info@kentsectional.co.uk will be answered Monday to Friday 9.00am-4.00pm.  After these times you can either leave a phone message or email us.

We will respond as soon as possible answering all queries, on new or existing orders, or any pricing for our products you require.

Please check this page for regular updates as and when the situation changes.

Sorry for the inconvenience but we must make every effort to protect our customers and employees alike.

On a more positive note…

We are designing a brand new modular Home Office as we think this will be the way forward in the future. This will include the walls, floor and the ceiling, and will be insulated and lined with an attractive wall board and it will also be fitted with two electrical sockets.

The front section will be completely double glazed with folding doors and fitted with a high security locking system. 

Alternatively, If you would like to email your own design we will be happy to quote for that. 

Remember, ‘Your Imagination Is Our Inspiration’.

Above all, please take care & keep safe.

Caroline & the team

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7 Inspirational Things You Can Use A Shed For

We love sheds! They’re arguably one of the most versatile buildings you could have. So many uses…

That’s not a potting shed! it’s a beautiful ‘standard’ shed by Kent Sectional Buildings

And I started thinking, what exactly can you use a shed for? 

Here are 7 ideas to feel inspired by. Ready? 

Home office/studio/working space – you can convert a standard shed into an office but you’d need quite a large one otherwise it would be very claustrophobic. Also, you’d need to have proper windows and a door(s) and make it secure. A workshop or a purpose built home studio/office. 

Pub/drinking den – of course! Especially now as we’re not allowed to go down the real pub! So why not convert your shed into a micro pub? Or a whisky bar? I love this example which was featured in George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces – Shed of the Year –

Amazing Spaces – The Whisky Shed…

Are you a movie buff? how about a cinema instead? This really is a labour of love as the guy built it himself from scratch. Truly inspirational…

Amazing Spaces – Your (very) local Odeon…

A granny annexe? Technically this would be more like a yurt or at least a bespoke workshop but this can definitely be done. Install plumbing and electricity, windows and security and you’re all set.   

If you like nothing better than to potter about in the garden, you may need some storage space for your tools and plants. Oh and don’t forget your radio, kettle, teabags and milk 😁 

Which means you’ll need a mini fridge in there too. You have a choice of a standard shed or you could opt for a potting shed, pot your plants and keep them safe from an unexpected frost and inquisitive members of the animal kingdom. 

You too could have a potting shed like this one day…

Perhaps you have a main or side business making things. In that case chances are you could do with a workshop. These tend to be sturdier than a standard shed, more robust and larger.

You can add an electric feed to charge and power your tools, speaking of which, you’ll also need a decent lock if not two. Maybe a light outside the door too and a wireless camera so you have some security/deterrent. 

Finally, you could build an unadulterated mancave (or woman cave) like Charlie Sheen did. Although it looks like he got other people to actually build it but the point is, imagine what your ideal den would look like, outside and in. What decor would you have? TV, pool table? Bar? Library, outrageously good sound system? 

          Remember, if you can imagine it, we will build it

If you’d like some advice about what you have in mind, please give us a call on 01227 738 374 between 9am and 4pm whilst the lockdown is on or you can email info@kentsectional.co.uk

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