If Carlsberg Built Home Office Garden Buildings, They Would Probably Look Like This…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCj8mhzyTgY An increasing number of people now find themselves ‘working from home’ – it is either entirely new to them or has simply become the ‘status quo’ rather than an occasional day or two a month.  So a permanent, dedicated, stand alone working space is now a necessity.  Enter the home office/studio garden building. A … Read more

Home office/studios – what you can claim back tax for & what you can’t…

If you’re now working from home more often then you might consider adding a purpose built home office in your garden.  Working from home can be great, but it also has its distractions and you may struggle to separate home from office in terms of boundaries and storage etc.  This is where a dedicated, purpose … Read more

All About The Base – FAQ’s

When it comes to preparing to install your new bespoke garden building, you need to think about the base for that building, irrespective of what size it is. Essentially you have two options: Build it yourself or Ask us to build it for you  If you’re thinking ‘how hard can it be? I’ll get Bob … Read more


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