7 Alternative Uses For Our Home Office/Studio Buildings…

I mean, they are seriously adaptive. 


As well as being hand crafted and looking damn good in your garden. Oh did I mention they are almost more secure than Fort Knox? 

But I was thinking the other day, there are other things you could use them for…

Here’s a few I thought of

  1. Outside bar (could be mobile) 
  2. Catering unit (again, could be mobile) 
  3. Children’s play centre/creche
  4. Outside Cinema screen with surround sound
  5. Outside DJ set (could be mobile) 
  6. Outside stage for music or theatre shows 
  7. Spare bedroom/guest accommodation

And of course, you could always use it for storage but…

Why would you waste such a gorgeous bespoke garden building with panoramic bi-folding doors when you could have one of our stylish sheds or workshops instead? 

As always, the choice is yours but we believe our bespoke garden office/studio buildings are without equal. Beautifully styled, hand made from the highest quality wood and materials and installed in your garden by our skilled craftsmen. 

Our garden buildings are all bespoke – made to order – for you. 

You can ask us any questions you like before we provide a quotation, anytime in fact. 

Or if you have drawings of your own we’re happy to go through those with you too. 

If you can imagine it, we can build it. But why not start here?

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