They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To…

Oh but we do…

Last week one of our customers asked us to replace their old shed with a summerhouse.

When we went to survey the site we noticed that the shed still bore one of our original plaques as pictured above. 

Back in 1958 John Griffin founded Kent Sectional Buildings, using his skill and experience to create bespoke garden buildings that were not only ‘fit for purpose’ then but would last for many years. 

In fact they lasted decades, we are still finding examples like this one! 

And although John Griffin is sadly no longer with us, our build quality is as good today as it was back then in 1958. Perhaps even better dare I say it. 

Some of our craftsmen here in Chartham are second generation KSB men, schooled in the tradition and customs of their fathers before them, and every bit as skilled as them. 

Upholding and improving the high standards set by John Griffin. They have to because a) our customers would not keep returning to us and b) his wife Marina Griffin is here and keeps a watchful eye on us all, along with unwavering support and guidance. 

Our materials are carefully chosen, we only build to order for our valued customers, present and new. And yes, we still attract plaques to our buildings because we’re very proud of them and our reputation. 

If you have any questions or you need any guidance with your garden building, please give us a call on 01227 738 374 or pop in and see us.

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