Video Killed The Radio Star…

(Well, since we were never radio stars in the first place, I think we’ll be OK)

We decided to go for it anyway. So today we made our very first video… 

We’ll follow up over the coming days with other videos featuring our workshops and potting sheds before we crack on with the rest. 

If you need a shed or any other garden building, you can have one built especially for you. To your design and specification – i.e bespoke. 

But to give you an idea we have a page where you can see the typical specification, prices and of course, some pictures of ‘standard’ sheds our clients have ordered from us in the past. 

Anyway, back to the video. It’s our first stab at it so please be gentle, we’ll get better (hopefully) but at least it’s short and sweet.  

We’ll figure out how to add music and other bells and whistles as we go. 

They are just meant to give you an idea of what we can do, and have been doing since 1958! I know, it’s flown by! 

Why make videos at all? Because not all our clients live locally to us, here in Chartham near Canterbury and some aren’t even in Kent. We have clients in Essex and London, even in France! 

So it’s handy to keep an eye on what we’re doing, and if we add more products we’ll make sure we take videos and post them on our Youtube channel so you can see for yourself. 

If you are local though, why not pop in and see us? 

We’re in Station Road in Chartham, on the A28 just outside Canterbury. 

Actually, if you like, why not stop at our show site? it’s on the main road just before you turn into Station Road if you’re coming from Canterbury. 

That’s it for now. Possibly the shortest blog post ever. 

But like the videos, there will be more…

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