Why Buy A Bespoke Garden Building?

First of all, what is ‘bespoke’. Well it’s quite simple, it means custom made for a particular customer. 

Not mass manufactured, not bulk buy. Not available at your local B&Q or Homebase (due respect to those guys who sell some great stuff) 

Our garden buildings are made to order for you when you’re ready to order. We don’t have ‘stock’, you can’t just order from our website. We cater especially for you and what you need. 

We make garden buildings, anything from a ‘standard’ shed to a home office (like the one pictured above) a workshop, greenhouse or a conservatory to your design and specification, for you only. 

You choose the wood you would like, you choose the specification along with any changes to the design you’d like incorporated. Of course, you can’t order blindly – purely on spec – we know that. 

So on our website we show examples of our buildings we’ve made for our customers over the past 62 years, since 1958. Many of them are still standing, looking almost as good as they did when we made them and as fit for purpose as they were then. 

(In fact, we get quite a few calls from customers who have moved home and would like another shed, workshop or greenhouse to go in their new garden!)

This happens because our customers know that our buildings stand the test of time. 

And they last – and look good – because we only use quality wood, wood treatment and fixtures and fittings. Quality always lasts. You won’t get that with a mass produced shed from a DIY warehouse.  

You can visit our website and get an idea of the kind of building you’d like and add your own design changes if you like, the photos are there to inspire you and guide you, we’ve included specifications and prices so you know that we don’t scrimp on quality and we love what we do. 

If you’d like to take a closer look, we have an un-manned showsite about half a mile away from our office and workshop here in Chartham, it’s actually on the main road close to the junction with Station Road. 

There are several buildings there which we will add to now that we’re open again and in time for the Summer (fingers crossed we enjoy a long hot summer) 

And of course you can always call us for help and advice and to order your new bespoke garden building. We make each building from scratch to your design and specification. 

Our skilled craftsmen love what they do – you’ll really see that in the quality of your garden building when we install it for you at your home. 

So, whilst ‘normal’ might have changed for most of us, you’ll be glad to know our standards and workmanship are as high as you expect them to be.

We’re so glad to be fully open again and hope to see and hear from you very soon.

Everyone at Kent Sectional Buildings X

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