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We started back in 1958 building well made sheds that would serve their purpose, look good AND last a long time. If you need extra storage in the garden, then look no further…

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What better way to spend a summers afternoon than relaxing in your summerhouse or chalet? here you will find numerous designs to inspire you and remember, all our garden buildings are bespoke, so please feel free to add your twist…

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Not only do we build sheds, summerhouses & chalets to order, we also make fine garages too. Whether single or double or perhaps a hybrid of garage/workshop, you are in the right place. Any questions please feel free to call us for a chat…

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If you need the ultimate light yet enclosed space to grow plants & flowers then look no further than our stunning range of greenhouses – we offer commercial greenhouses too. Check out our range here…

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Studio & Home Offices

These are a great idea if you work from home and need space to set up aswell as peace and quiet! We have just introduced a brand new home office building but we also have plenty of others which can serve as studios too. Whichever one you choose, it will be light, cool in the summer yet toasty in the winter. Take a look…

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You will see a range of beautiful buildings including conservatories that our establishment have created since 1958

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