Double Garages


Framework:  Constructed from 3” x 2” prepared timbers

Cladding:  Pine or Cedarwood Shiplap or Heavy-Duty Weatherboard, lined with breather fabric.  Louvres are fitted at both gable ends if required.

Doors:  2 sets of fully boarded or glazed topped Mortise and Tenoned timber doors.  Additional Costs for  2 single 8’ wide x 7’ high metal up and over doors £700 each – 10′ wide x 7′ high £1000.00 each and 14’ x 7’ high up and over door  £1300.  Timber Up and Over doors can be fitted.  Contact our office for prices.

Personal Door:  Ledged and Braced  £125 Mortise and Tenoned boarded or half glazed £210

Roof:  OSB covered with Heavy-Duty Green Material Felt.  Please see main prices for a double layer roof, OSB covered with black Onduline sheeting

Windows:  2 rows of 4 fixed windows positioned where required, beaded in. Opening windows £80 each.

Heights:  To Eaves: 7’ 6”. To Ridge: 10’ 6”

Prices  All our prices are plus VAT

SIZE - Width x Length Cedarwood ShiplapHeavy duty weatherboardErection fee Two layer roof Treated Sadolin (plus £100 for w/board)Treated Superdec (blocker + 2 coats)
16' x 16'£2950£3150£500£650£400£1150
16' x 18' £3350£3550£500£650£400£1275
16' x 20' £3500£3700£575£690£450£1375
18' x 20' £3750£3950£600£700£475£1415
20' x 20' £3950£4150£625£720£475£1415