Single Garages

Single garage built by KSB


Framing: Constructed of 3” x 2” prepared timbers

Cladding: Heavy duty weatherboard or Cedarwood Shiplap lined with breather fabric.

Doors: 8” wide Mortise and Tenoned fully boarded or half glazed – Up and Over main door, an additional £700. Personal Door: Half glazed or fully boarded Mortise Tenoned door additional £190.

Roof: Oriented strand board (OSB) covered with high tensile polyester felt. Felt tiled roof – as display site model £550.00

Windows: 2 of 4’ x 3’ Mortise and Tenoned with 2 opening Ventilators.

Heights: Eaves: 7’ Ridge: 9’6”


SIZE - Length x widthCedarwood ShiplapHeavy duty WeatherboardTreated Sadolin*Double Layer Roof To erect Lining walls OSB ply
18' X 10'6" £2612£2777£560£475£350£800
20' X 10'6"£2777£2942£590£475£370£825
22' X 10'6"£2942£3107£630£505£390£850
24' X 10'6"£3107£3272£670£505£420£875

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