Traditional Greenhouses

As you can see, our traditional greenhouses vary in size and style, to suit all your needs.

You can rest assured they are hand made by our skilled craftsmen here in our workshop in Chartham to the excellent standard that our reputation expects and merits.

We’ve been building bespoke garden buildings including greenhouses, since 1958, so you know that you’re getting a beautifully made greenhouse that will serve its purpose and look good in your garden for many decades to come.

Bespoke means just that – we build to order – your order. So if you need any tweaks just let us know when you place your order. Here is the usual spec though, just to give you an idea…


Framework: 3” x 2” prepared Cedarwood

Cladding: Cedarwood Shiplap, either fully cladded plinth all round or any combination of glass sections to the ground.

Doors: Approximately 2’ 6” x 5” 10” half glazed sturdy construction with 3” x 2” Mortise and Tenoned frame, fitted with brass rim latch and furniture.

Ventilators: Up to 9’ 6” x 6’ = 1 opening fanlight and 1 opening sash over 9’ 6” x 6’ = 2 opening fanlights and 2 opening sashes. Additional opening fanlights or sashes can be fitted at an additional charge of £125 Automatic roof ventilators are only £65 each

Glass: All glass cut to size and sprigs and putty provided. Delivered free within a 10-mile radius.

Staging: 1’6 wide £25.00 per foot 2’6 wide £30.00 per foot.

Heights: Eaves Height = 4’ 6” Ridge Height = 7’ 6” or 8’ according to size.

Prices – All our prices are plus VAT

SizesCedarwoodTreated Sadolin*Treated ColouredErected & Glazed
6'6" x 5'£2629£560£720£300
8' x 6' £2805£560£890£325
8' x 8' £3025£580£920£350
9'6" x 6'£3025£580£980£375
9'6" x 8' £3162£620£990£390
11' x 6' £3245£660£990£390
11' x 8' £3355£700£990£390
12'6" x 6' £3410£740£990£390
14' x 8' £3602£840£1050£400

Cold Frames

Did you know we also make cedarwood cold frames?

They come complete with lightweight durable twin wall polycarbonate lights and fitted with hinges and stay bars. All framework is 2′ x 1.5″ cladding tongue & groove jointed cedarwood matching. All timber is untreated but we use and always recommend Sadolin.

collected ex works
3' x 4'
£324delivery charge within 10 miles £45Treated with Sadolin£50
collected ex-works
6' x 4'
£478delivery charge within 10 miles £45Treated with Sadolin£60