Victorian Crested

Victorian Crested greenhouse

One of our Victorian crested greenhouses would certainly add a little something to your garden don’t you think?

It will nestle in your garden, serve it’s purpose AND compliment your home and garden. 

Please see below our usual spec but remember we only build to order so if you need any tweaks please let us know when you place your order


Framework: 3” x 2” prepared timber top structure – square edged Cedarwood, includes aluminium cresting, as on our display site. Timber cresting £20.00 per foot extra.

Brickwork: Standard brick plinth including footings is detailed on the price page. Any specific brick requests will be quoted separately.

Doors: Approximateley 2’ 6” x 5’ 10” half glazed Mortise and Tenoned frame, fitted with brass rim latch and door furniture.

Ventilators: Up to 16’ x 8’ – opening fanlights and 2 opening sashes. Over 16’ x 8’ – 3 opening fanlights and 3 opening sashes. Any additional – £75 each. Automatic opening fittings can be fitted at an additional charge of just £65 per opening.

Automatic opening roof fittings can be fitted at an additional charge of £60 each Glass:

All glass in single sheets 4mm float– toughened glass additional charge

Staging: 2’ 6” wide staging is £30 per foot.

Heights: Eaves height = 5’ Ridge Height = 9’ according to size.

We use Sadolin treatments, either a natural colour or the Superdec range in a choice of colours giving an opaque finish

Please note there are 2 ways to do the Brickwork Plinth

  1. On concrete which will show.

2) Bricks laid on below ground foundations, and concrete filled in to ground level, this is more expensive but no concrete is visible from the outside, this will incur an additional charge.

Just a thought: Did you know we also make cedarwood cold frames? click here for more details


Size CedarwoodBrink plinth & footingTreated Natural SadolinColoured Sadolin ( 2 coats plus primer)Erected & glazedGutter both sides
11' x 8' £3539£1900£780£1020£480£220
14' x 8' £4042£2000£840£1090£510£280
16' x 8' £4562£2150£870£1160£540£320
16' x 9'6"£5093£2300£900£1320£570£320
20' x 9'6"£5832£2450£930£1390£600£400
Front porch - 4' or 5' wide with...Cedar
Single door£1782
Double doors £2057
Porch treated to match, one coat natural Sadolin£150
Porch treated to match, 2 coats Sadolin coloured Superdec£425

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