Working from home?

Working from home – WFH – is now a necessity for a lot of us.

Even though #lockdown is being eased off, getting to work, especially by train or bus not to mention the tube, is going to be a nightmare. Social distancing, masks, long delays…aargh!

So how does a less than 5 minute commute sound? No traffic jams, no queuing, no mask required, no time wasted and best of all – no risk!

Couple of quick questions first:

  1. How do you prevent your work equipment/stuff taking over your home space?
  2. And how do you cope with the inevitable distractions that trying to work from home brings?

What if you could carry on working from home, keep your work space separate and get a day’s work done without any distractions?  

Well we might just have the answer for you…

You could stroll to work in less than 5 minutes (depending on how big your garden is) and get straight to work in a secure, safe, quiet home office which is cool in the summer months and lets in plenty of light…

Our completely new Modular Home Office, designed by us and manufactured by our skilled craftsmen in our workshop here in Chartham is a purpose built solution and can be ready for you in just 48 hours*  

Please click here to see specification and prices:

And here’s a photo of another home office we built for another customer.

But the blue building pictured near the top of this page is pretty much what we have in mind but with less of an overhang…

Having said that, we specialise in building bespoke garden buildings so please feel free to specify what you would prefer.

We think this is the perfect answer for you if you work from home all the time or on a regular basis. It’s safe, secure, gorgeous to look at because it’s clad in red cedarwood shiplap and it has large bi-folding doors which let in plenty of light and you can open one or all of them to keep you cool in summer.

We can get it ready for you on site in just 48 hours provided you have a base ready. If you need a base, we can help with that too, just ask us.

If you don’t know us yet, we’re a family business and have been building beautiful quality bespoke garden buildings since 1958 – so we’re pretty good at it. Our lovely customers seem to think so too

If you have any questions please give us a call on 01227 738 374  – we’re here 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday until we’re allowed to reopen properly. You can leave a message outside of those hours or send us an email