Kent Sectional Buildings – Shed

Let’s talk sheds in Ramsgate 

First of all, why do you need one? 

Somewhere to keep all your garden tools, the lawnmower, strimmer. Your bike(s) ?

Those plastic storage boxes that you haven’t looked in for 3 years but you refuse to throw out? 

(I keep reminding my darling wife that if she doesn’t throw hers away I’ll do it for her. But she ignores me because she knows perfectly well that I’d do no such thing, the big wuss that I am) 

Or maybe you need a workshop, somewhere to ‘make stuff’ or, if you’re a keen gardener, a potting shed

If you can imagine it, we can build it!  

Anyway, what else, refuge from the other half or your darling children perhaps? 

Are you an artist of some description? A sculptor? Potter? Writer? You might thinking about a shed as a makeshift studio, but have you thought about a proper home office/studio

Kent Sectional Buildings – Home office/studio

If you work from home you know how easy it is to get distracted…

Having a separate space away from the noise of the washing machine, the dog, those darling children, your other half, could be just the ticket. 

And having a purpose built home office/studio means you can have heat, light and of course, windows…Seriously though, you can create a really nice, comfy space that will be cosy in the autumn and nice and cool in those long hot summers…

Kent Sectional Buildings, based in Chartham near Canterbury, are ready to help you. Whether you need a shed, home office/studio, or a summerhouse, conservatory or even a garage or you’re not quite sure yet, we can help. 

You can choose from a ‘standard’ shed or you can ask us to make you a bespoke building to your design and specifications at our workshop in Chartham

You’ll be reassured by the fact we’ve been around for donkey’s years, well, 1958! Our buildings tend to last the distance too, you can find them dotted all over Kent, Essex and even across the Channel in France! 

Don’t just take our word for it though. We have some very loyal fans, who have bought sheds and garages etc from us when they move house. 

Kent Sectional Buildings – Garage

Why not pop along to our show site on the A28 at Chartham, just next to Station Road? Then it’s just a short schlep down Station Road, over the railway line (mind the trains) to our main office and workshop, where you’ll be very welcome.  

Alternatively, pick up the phone for a chat, either Caroline, Jayne or Maddie will be around to answer your questions and help you decide what you want. 

Our number is 01227 738 374 or email 

Remember, “if you can imagine it – we can build it!”

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