Traditional Sheds

We build sheds to order -bespoke – to suit your needs. 

You can choose from ‘traditional’ sheds – sturdy workshops – a hybrid option or, if you’re a keen gardener, one of our neat potting sheds.

On this page you’ll find our ‘traditional’ sheds but as you read through the specification and see our customer testimonials you’ll soon realise that whilst they be traditional they are anything but standard. 

Your shed will be made by our skilled craftsmen at our workshop before being delivered to your property and erected on a base prepared by yourself or we can build one for you (at extra cost) 

Take a look at some of the sheds we’ve made for our customers and use them for inspiration. If you need any extra detail please just ask us. 

Here is the typical specification, below that you’ll find our price list and below that is a quick & easy enquiry form you can use.

Even our ‘traditional’ sheds are pretty remarkable. Made from your choice of weatherboard, pine or cedarwood, here are a few ‘specs’ about our sheds…

Framework: 2” x 1.5” prepared timbers with eased edges, making 3” x 2” corner posts. Rebated Feather Edged Weatherboard or planed Pine Shiplap.

Lining: Breather fabric – additional £25 up to and including 8’ x 6’ models –  an additional for £35 for 10’ x 6’ and larger.

Doors: Boarded with 5/8” T & C Pine matching 27” wide on strong Ledges and Braces fitted with galvanised ‘T’ hinged and hasp and staple for customer to fit own padlock. (A 3’ door can be fitted for an additional £50)

Ledged and Braced double doors 4’ or 5’ wide additional £95. Mortise and Tenoned doors with lever mortise lock and door furniture can be fitted for an additional 27” single £95, 3’ single door £105, 4’ or 5’ double £150.

Windows: These are 3mm horticultural glass – row of 4 (6’ x 2’) pinned in and positioned where required along one side of the shed to allow maximum light for workbench etc. Any one of these can be made to open at an additional £60 each.  Additional row of up to 4 fixed windows £100

Roof: Oriented strand boarding manufactured to BS 5669, covered in High Tensile Polyester Felt.  A felt tiled roof in either green, red or grey can be added – see price chart.

Floor: Either ¾ ” Tongue and grooved chipboard flooring on 2” x 1.5” joists or ¾ ” Pine tongue and grooved flooring on 2” x 1.5” joists.

Heights: Lean to style: 6’ 1” at Back – 7’ at front – Ridge Style 5’ 10” to eaves 6’ 8” to ridge.

Prices do not include VAT. Please ensure you have a base ready.

If you have any doubts or questions about how to prepare and build the right base for your garden building please read these FAQ’s or ask us.

We cannot and will not accept responsibility for structural problems after installation if you prepare and lay your own base so we’d rather you checked with us or if you prefer, we can prepare and lay the base for you (at extra cost) please ask when you place your order, thank you.

Size WeatherboardPine ShiplapCedarwoodChipboard Floor Pine T&G Floor Treated SadolinFelt Tiled Roof
6' x 4' £555£652£768£235£275£242£182
6' x 5' £588£676£792£240£280£242£200
7' x 5' £598£688£806£245£285£260£230
8' x 5' £613£700£822£250£290£260£250
8' x 6' £653£741£844£255£295£280£300
10' x 6' £677£772£866£275£315£290£360
10' x 8' £753£850£994£295£320£320£390
12' x 8' £826£947£1058£310£335£340£400
14' x 8' £869£990£1124£325£350£360£415
16' x 8' £936£1051£1182£340£378£380£430