Studio/Home Offices

Home Office 2020

The photo above is our new home office building for 2020. You can read more about it here…

But since you’re here, why not take a look at our other home office and studio buildings? 

If you work from home you may find it a bit distracting in the house.

So why not consider a home studio/office?

You can choose your own design and specification of course as all our garden buildings are bespoke including your home studio in Kent.

To give you some idea, here are some typical specs and prices along with some pictures of home studios in Kent we have already built for our customers


Framework: Constructed of 3” x 2” prepared timbers

Cladding: Walls are clad with Pine or Cedarwood shiplap, lined with  breather fabric.

Doors:1 single half glazed Mortise and Tenoned door fitted with 3 lever mortise lock and door furniture.

Roof: OSB covered in High Tensile Polyester felt – Felt tiles are an additional cost, see pricings.

Windows: Triple opening windows in one end – three full length windows one side and one full length window  in porch, all 4mm float glass.  Double glazed windows and door £165.00.  Standard glass  Glazed top gable end – additional £250.00

Prices All of our prices are plus VAT

SIZE PINE SHIPLAP CEDAR SHIPLAP ERECTION Floor Heavy duty Ply 1″ Floor  T&G Pine Floor  Chipboard Felt Tiled Roof Red, Grey or Green Treated Natural Sadolin Treated Sadolin Superdec Colour 2 coats
14’x10′   £2700.00 £2900.00 £250.00 £350.00 £305.00 £275.00 £450.00 £230.00 £700.00
16’x10′   £2900.00 £3100.00 £250.00 £360.00 £340.00 £290.00 £480.00 £240.00 £700.00
18’x10′   £3100.00 £3400.00 £250.00 £370.00 £355.00 £305.00 £510.00 £260.00 £760.00
20’x10′   £3300.00 £3650.00 £250.00 £380.00 £370.00 £320.00 £550.00 £290.00 £760.00

*Cedarwood will need and additional coat of stain block primer £300

Walls insulated and lined with Sapele ply   14′ x 10 and 16′ x 10′   £1230.00      16′ x 10′  and   20′ x 10′    £1280.00

There are many more options available – we build bespoke garden buildings so please call us for a chat on 01227 738 374 or pop in and see us