one of our KSB Summerhouses…

About our bespoke Summerhouses

Imagine a hot summer day, the afternoon sun bathing your garden in sunlight….

You fancy some refuge from the heat for a while, so you grab a cool drink, your current book or magazine and you retreat to the cool shade and comfort of your summerhouse…

Ah, this is more like it you think to yourself as you slip off those flip flops, take a sip of something cool and recline in your chair. 

Our summerhouses offer a welcome retreat from the sun and a place to unwind with a panoramic view of your beautiful garden…

They are stylish, well made and secure. 

Here is the specification for our 8′ x 8′ summerhouse and below that you will find our indicative price list. Indicative because all our garden buildings are made to order aka bespoke.


Framework: 2” x 1.5″ OR  3″ X 2″ timbers.

Cladding: Walls are clad with Cedarwood Shiplap, lined with breather fabric.

Doors: Double doors fitted with 3 lever mortise lock and door furniture.

Windows: Low level windows to the front only.*

Roof: OSB covered with High Tensile Polyester Felt.

*Side window with one top opening sash – £145 each


Please note that all our prices are plus VAT

Size Width x Depth Cedar ShiplapFloor InstallTreated Sadolin3" x 2" framing
8' x 6' £1760£255£150£350£180
8' x 8' £1846£275£175£370£190
8' x 10' £1908£295£200£390£200
8' x 12' £1985£310£220£420£230
8' x 14' £2062£325£240£450£250

*Natural Sadolin – a quote for a coloured finish can be given on request

When it comes to insulating and lining…

We do of course offer insulating and lining for all our bespoke garden buildings.

We insulate with 100mm fibreglass insulation covered with a vapour barrier before applying a liner of your choice. The insulation by the way can be upgraded to Celotex, just ask us when placing your order.

  1. Oriented Strand Board – this is the same board we use for the roof and is completely impervious to moisture.

2. Sapele Ply – 6mm hardwood faced plywood

3. Pine matching – pine tongue and groove vertical boarding

4. Vanilla wall board – a textured lined look cream plywood with matching joining strips.

Please find guide prices below…

Sizes 8' x 6' to 10' x 8' 12' x 8' to 14' x 10' 16' x 8' to 18' x 10' 20' x 8' to 22' x 10' 14' x 12' to 16' x 14'
1. OSB £780£1200£1395£1500£1650
2. Sapele Ply £900£1475£1900£2200£2375
3. Matching£975£1515£2015£2325£2595
4. Wall board£1020£1585£2100£2400£2600

When you’re ready to order you can either pick up the phone & call us on

01227 738 374

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