Lean-To and Ridge style chalets

Here are just a few examples of our charming ‘lean to’ and ‘ridge’ style chalets.

As you can see they are rather beautiful and will look great in your garden with the added bonus that they are also versatile and functional.

Here is the usual spec but please remember, all our garden buildings are bespoke meaning they are built to order, so if you need any tweaks, please let us know when you order, thank you


Framework: Constructed in 3”x 2” prepared timbers.

Cladding: Walls are clad with Cedarwood Shiplap, lined with breather fabric.

Windows: Standard chalets do not include any windows in the sides. Large casement windows can be fitted with standard glass for an additional £95 or extra large with safety glass for an additional £165 each.

Doors: Includes one pair of double doors with fixed full length windows each side of the doors. Four fully folding doors (as on our display site), fitted with standard glass £400. Safety glass can be fitted at an Additional cost of £30 per pane on all options. Rounded tops to doors & windows – Additional £180.

Roof: OSB covered with High Tensile Polyester Felt on 3” x 2” purlins. Ornate barge boards – Additional £55.

And here are some typical prices, to give you an idea…

Price List

Width x DepthLean-to style ridge Ridge style Erection charge Treated Sadolin*Lined - Sapele ply Floor Felt tiled roof
8' x 8' £2189£2354£250£500£600£285£360
8' x 10' £2304£2469£250£500£620£295£360
10' x 8' £2469£2634£300£550£620£295£390
10' x 10' £2634£2799£300£550£645£305£410