Traditional Garden Chalets


Framework: Constructed from 3” x 2” prepared timbers on extra wide chalets and 2 x 1 ½ on 8′ wide standard chalets.

Cladding: Walls are clad with Pine or Cedarwood Shiplap, lined with breather fabric.

Doors: A pair of half glazed Mortise and Tenoned door, fitted with a 3 lever mortise lock and door furniture.  Fully glazed doors additional £50 (safety glass).

Windows: A pair of windows each side of the doors of which one in each pair is opening. Traditional windows and doors are an additional £200

Additional windows: Fixed pair (single sheet glass) – £150 Pair – One opening (single sheet glass) – £210. Fixed pair (Traditional bars, 3 panes) – £180  opening pair (Traditional bars, 3 panes) – £240 Roof: OSB covered with High Tensile Polyester Felt

Floor: ¾ “ tongue and grooved chipboard flooring on floor joists.

Veranda:Chalets which include Verandas show the sizes including the standard 4’ depth of veranda Heights: Approximately 6’5” to eaves – 8’6” to ridge (minimum)

The 4’ overhang on the veranda option can be boarded at eaves height to allow storage space from the inside – additional £180.00

All prices shown are plus VAT. The first table shows prices with veranda

Size width x depth Pine ShiplapCedar ShiplapChipboard floor Pine floor Erect Treated Sadolin*3" x 2" framing
8' x 8'£1545£1645£220£260£175£180£250
8' x 10' £1585£1685£235£275£175£180£250
8' x 12' £1645£1745£250£290£195£200£285
8' x 14' £1685£1785£265£325£195£200£285
8' x 16' £1725£1825£280£340£210£220£295

Traditional summerhouse chalet without veranda

Size width x depth Pine Shiplap Cedar shiplapChipboard floor Pine floor Erect Treated Sadolin3" x 2" framing
8' x 6' £1400£1500£155£195£150£180£150
8' x 8' £1445£1545£180£220£175£180£200
8' x 10' £1485£1585£195£235£175£200£250
8' x 12' £1545£1645£210£250£195£200£285
8' x 14' £1585£1685£225£285£195£220£285

*Natural Sadolin – a quote for a coloured finish can be given on request The specifications for these chalets is more or less the same as extra wide on previous page with the exception of the framework being 2” x 1.5” and just slightly less sturdy although the thicker framing is given as an option.

We frequently get asked to insulate & line our buildings – approximate prices for this are: 12 x 8 to 16 x 8 Walls – £780.00 Roof – £440.00 16 x 8 to 20 x 8 Walls – £910.00 Roof – £630.00

We normally fit fibre lass in between the studding, then attach a ventilation barrier before fixing Sapele Faced Plywood (or alternative if required) to the inside. (Samples can be seen at our main office and workshop in Chartham)