Carpe Diem!

Carpe Diem!

Good morning & a very Happy New Year

I expect you are ready & raring to go?

As the title suggests, we are!

2022 will certainly be better than 2021

The wild price fluctuations of raw construction materials will continue to calm down and hopefully the actual cost too but maybe we’re deluding ourselves on that front

Covid-wise I am pleased to report we are all fit & well (touches forehead) and are working hard to get your bespoke buildings started and finished, whatever stage it is currently at.

We are currently working on an email newsletter which will be sent out monthly.

New product ideas like the new modular home office building we launched last year which continues to sell well in this midst of all the uncertainty over the latest strain of the dreaded C word.

We are also hoping to restore our showsite early this year following the ‘accident’ that demolished at least 2 of our buildings including the brand modular home office building which we had to re-build…

Perhaps the less said the better but yes, the showsite should be open again by the Spring

Website wise, we’re going to make it more user friendly if we can. Please let us know if you have any ideas you’d like us to incorporate, as always we welcome your feedback, it’s all for your benefit after all

That’s it really, for now at least.

We hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas & New Year break but now, for us at least, we go back to work…

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