Wooden Garages & WORKSHOPS


Wooden garages are durable, stylish and offer ample storage space for your car, tools and equipment. They come in different sizes and styles to fit your needs and preferences and can be customized with additional features. Timber garages enhance the value and appeal of your property for years to come.


Delivery and installation

“We pride ourselves on nationwide delivery and seamless installation of quality buildings. Our dedicated team ensures efficient execution from planning to installation, prioritizing reliability. “

Garden Room Windows


Our durable timber workshops offer customizable sizes, styles, and finishes to fit your garden needs. The high-quality timber withstands harsh weather and lasts for years. With timber floors as standard and installation accross the country, our workshops are both functional and beautiful. Choose from a variety of sizes to find your perfect outdoor hideaway.



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Timber Garage & Workshop Enquiry

We offer top-quality, customized timber garages and workshops built to last. Contact us for a detailed quote and expert assistance to meet your needs and budget.

Timber Garage

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