Garden office/studio rooms

Who knows what the new normal is going to be right?

Will you be going back to the office full time, one day a week or not at all.

Safe to say, it’s unlikely to be full time. Why would you want to waste time and money on that God awful commute?

But working from home has drawbacks and distractions too. And you may need a dedicated space for your work, and some peace & quiet to get that work done. So, we have a few solutions for you.

First up is our new modular garden home office or studio room/building.

I say new – we designed & built our showsite example last year, but you know what happened then. Anyway, it is gorgeous, here is a video we took last year on our showsite just up the road…

New modular garden home office/studio room on our showsite on the A28

You can find more details including specifications & prices here…

And you can see our other garden home office and studio rooms and buildings here…