Octagonal Greenhouses

Octagonal greenhouse

How about an octagonal greenhouse? 

We make bespoke garden buildings of all shapes & sizes so we thought why not offer some octagonal greenhouses? 

Something a little unique for your garden. As you would expect, they are hand made to KSB standard and will last if not a lifetime then a very long time! 

Here is the usual spec but as you know, we only build bespoke so if you have your own little twist please feel free to let us know when you place your order 


Framework: 3” x 2” prepared Cedarwood timbers

Cladding:  Planed Cedarwood Shiplap.

Doors: Mortise and Tenoned half glazed door (s) fitted with mortise latch (single door on 6’ x 6’ model – Double doors on 8’ x 6’ & 8’ x 8’ models.

Glass:3mm horticultural glass , cut to size for customer to glaze – see prices for glazing.

Ventilators:1 x opening ventilator in roof – 1 ventilator in walls. Additional opening ventilators – £75 each


Size Delivered only Erected & GlazedTreated with one coat of natural Sadolin
6' x 6' £2649 hexagonal£240£420
8' x 6' £2829 octagonal£270£460
8' x 8' £3060 octagonal£290£480

If you have any questions at all or you’re ready to place your order, please give us a call on

01227 738 374

or email info@kentsectional.co.uk